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HABITAT Mamane-naio forest on Maunakea volcano, Hawaii Island, Hawaiian Islands, USA.
DIET Immature seeds of mamane, mamane flowers, naio fruits
THREATS Habitat loss, predation by cats & mongoose, diseases, climate change.
INTERESTING FACTS Is the last remaining Hawaiian Honeycreeper which eats seeds as their primary diet.
STATUS Critically Endangered, less than 300

When you choose a symbolically hanai (adopt) a palila, you generously support my work to preserve Native Hawaiian species. Every hanai represents a personal commitment of shared stewardship, caring for birds as ohana (family).

“Palila Parents” receive an adoption certificate and a one-of-a-kind Laurie Sumiye 5” x 5” mixed media painting on wood panel, signed and numbered (1-300) valued at $125. Each artwork is one frame of animation from my feature documentary film, A Paradise Lost. Palila Parents are acknowledged on the film’s website, emails and social media channels.

Pledges are sliding scale, minimum $50, recommended $200. To donate a larger tax-free amount towards the completion of the film, please contact info@worm-media.com for additional information and benefits on behalf of our fiscal sponsor for A Paradise Lost.

If you would like to hanai more than one bird, please do so on behalf of a friend, family or colleague! Our goal is to have one human sponsor per bird that exists in the wild. In the checkout note area, please tell us who you would like to be listed as parent on the Palila Hanai Certificate and their contact info.

We will host an art exhibition of the paintings before shipping them to their permanent homes. Palila Parents will also receive a special preview invitation to the event.